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◊ Printed Circuit Boards

We build a lot of our own gear, and share some of the printed circuit boards for fellow DIYers to do the same. All PCBs are provided on an as-is basis for personal use only. Only PCBs are supplied; additional parts and assembly are required. These are minimally supported projects meant for experienced DIYers; you need to be able to read schematics, source parts, stuff and solder the boards, wire off-board components, troubleshoot, and figure out the mechanical aspects such as front panels and housing.

The following PCBs for electonic music are currently available for purchase. PCBs are $15.00@; ppd in the US, additional $10.00 postage/handling for orders outside the US. Make sure your shipping address is included in the paypal transaction.

You can also download some FPD front panel designs (for Frac format synth modules; or, buy Fluxmonkey recordings...

LooneyBoard 1

An open-ended platform for implementing your own CMOS noise-making designs. Preconfigured to support 40106 chip (6 square-wave oscillators), 4093 (4 gated square-wave oscillators), 4011 ("ring modulator"), 386 amplifier, and a couple of passive mixers.

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160 Noise Source [NEW 3/2015]

Noise Source based on the Buchla 160 circuit.

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208 Random Voltage Generator [Restocked 3/2015]

Pseudo-random control voltage generator, based on one section of the Buchla Music Easel. One clock input, 4 pseudo-random voltages out. Two CMOS chips & 2 LM3900s.

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194 Bandpass Filter

All discrete transistor bandpass filter (not voltage controlled), based on the Buchla 194 circuit. One audio input, 4 filtered outputs: LP <200hz, BP 200-900hz, BP 900hz-4khz, and HP > 4khz. In conjunction w/ a 4-channel mixer, can be used as a comb filter or graphic EQ.

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111 Ring Modulator

All discrete ring mod based on the one half of the Buchla 111 circuit (original 111 was a dual; this PCB is for a single ring modulator).

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◊ Free (as in beer): Frac format Front Panel designs

For gearheads: a collection of downloadable front panel designs for SDIY. These are in FPD format, and laid out for Frac format synths (easily modified for Euro). CHECK THE DIMENSIONS BEFORE ORDERING, particularly hole sizes for pots and PCB mounting.

  • 194 Bandpass Filter

For PCB offered above, includes input attenuator; 1.5" wide

download FPD

  • 208 Random CV Generator

For PCB offered above, includes individual output attenuators; 1.5" wide

download FPD

  • CGS Mixer

Four input mixer based on CGS04 board, use linear pots for CV mixing, log for audio; 1.5" wide.

download FPD

  • CGS Dual LFO

For CGS58, includes join/swap switches; 1.5" wide.

download FPD

  • CGS Dual Scaling Processor

Originally built w/ 2 CGS04 PCBs, now could use newer CGS81—no PCB mounting holes; 1.5" wide.

download FPD

  • CGS Gated Comparator

For CGS13 (i used the previous version of the PCB, so mounting holes spacing may have changed); 3" wide

download FPD

  • CGS Serge Resonant EQ

For CGS202 implementation of Serge design; 3" wide

download FPD

  • CGS Steiner/Synthacon VCF

Compact version for CGS35—uses switches instead of pots to select LP/BP/HP; 1.5" wide

download FPD

  • CGS Tube VCA

For CGS65, uses split board option; 3" wide

download FPD

  • CGS Wave Multiplier

For CGS29, does not include Grinder option; 3" wide

download FPD

  • Ian Fritz ChaQuO Chaos/Quaduature LFO

Combo Quadrature LFO and Chaotic CV Generator, PCB from Bridechamber

download FPD

  • Ian Fritz Threeler VCF

Unique and fantastic VCF design by Ian, PCB from Bridechamber

download FPD

  • Mattson VCF

Mattson Minimodular Multimode filter, collaboration between George and Jim Patchell

download FPD

  • Mattson VCLFO

MM voltage controlled LFO

download FPD

  • Mattson Quad AR/VCA

Combination of MM quad AR envelope generator and his quad VCA, with lots of normalling

  • MFOS Noise Cornucopia

Music from Outerspace versitile Noise module, with selector switch on the random gate divider

  • TWhite/Buchla Dual LPG

Evolved version of the famous Buchla Low Pass Gate (filter/vca combo), with added resonance feature