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FPD files for Buchla PCBs

Here are some .FPD files I've used for front panels for my printed circuit boards. You can download these files, edit them (if you wish) with Front Panel Designer software (free download), and order panels direct from Front Panel Express. Ordering is done from within the program, cost runs around $60—$70. Alternately, you could contact Julian at The Beast in the UK; he may be able to offer a better price, as well as the traditional textured metal finish.

FPD Files:


  • These are set up for FPE's standard, anodized natural finish material; I think it looks fine alongside the traditional textured panels, but might not be to your taste
  • Audio jack sizes are set for 1/8" jacks, since that's what I use; if you use Tini-Jaks, you'll need to alter the hole sizes. Check pot and switch sizes too, to make sure they'll match your components
  • These panels designs are offered as-is, with no guarantee of acuracy. Designs are based on images from catalogs, and may not be a 100% match to the originals

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