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bean soup recipes, w/ a nod to Alison Knowles... "The US bean crop would make enough bean soup to run Niagara Falls for three hours..."

there's almost always a pot of bean soup at the monkeyhouse. sunday is traditional soup cookin' day—boil up a big vat and the monkeys have sustenance all week. beans, some good bread, a little salad—that's good eatin, and good protein for vegetarian monkeyfolk. there's one general method and endless variations—improv is usual, but some have been refined over time so they're almost "recipes." here ya go:

bean soup

general method


green pea

fresh peas at the end lighten things up.


greek style, I think.


vegetarian chili w/ squash & bulghur. this makes a pretty big batch; invite friends over, or halve the quantities.


white and creamy, potatoes for thickness, and nutmeg is an unexpected surprise.


indian yellow split pea – a staple of indian cuisine, dal is the generic word for legume. asain import stores have many lots of types of dal: urad (black lentils), masoor (pink lentils), moong (split or whole mung beans), chanaa (chick peas); and they're all quite distinct. import stores are also a great place to buy bulk spices, as well as specialty items like garam masala.

cuban black bean

beans + rice. viva la revolución!