◊ Fluxmonkey Workshop Series


photo courtesy of Alison Coleman

Instruction and guided exploration in sound, art, and technology. Presented at the Fluxmonkey studio on Waterloo Rd. (Cleveland), or at various host organizations. Contact us if you'd like to arrange a workshop for your organization or group.

  • Cleveland Deep Listening Circle — Informal group meeting once a month to study and practice material from Pauline Oliveros's Deep Listening™ approach to sound and mindfulness.
  • Musique Concrète — Combining a study of Pierre Schaeffer's Musique Concrète (one of the early schools of electronic music) with a practical introduction to sound editing using the Audacity free audio editing software.
  • Intro to PureData — PureData (PD) is a free, open-ended software construction kit for musicians and artists, allowing you to build your own music or multimedia instruments without writing code. In this workshop you'll learn the basics, and resources to continue exploring on your own.
  • Arduino for Artists — Learn the basic principles of microcontrollers, and how to use them to add lights, motion, and interactivity to your art projects.
  • Analog Video Hacking — How to build a simple analog video distortion device, and then combine it with feedback techniques to create video art.
  • (Noise) Electronics for Artists — Extensive DIY information on how to build simple electronic noise instruments.

Individual Instruction/Mentorship

In addition to group workshops, we offer mentorship and one-on-one instruction in various aspects of sound and technology, including modular synthesis, electronic/electroacoustic instrument construction, field recording, installations, and related. We particularly enjoy mentoring and collaboration – so many folks have helped us over the years, we'd love to return the favor! Contact us with your ideas, and how we might be able to assist.