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Fluxmonkey is a kittylitter bucket full of sonic activities involving bbob drake, including electronic and electro-acoustic performance, recordings, synthesizer design and construction, and workshops on music tech and improvisation.

This site includes stuff for sale (recordings, printed circuit boards) as well as various Workshops & DIY. For current information about gigs and tours, please follow us on Facebook.

Covid19 Status:

  • Workshop and Buchlish PCBs are in stock and shipping!
  • Our studio is closed to the public at this time; no in-person workshops or shows until it's safe to reopen.
  • The monthly Deep Listening Study Group has moved online (via Zoom), check the page for more info.
  • Don't forget to sign up for our mailing list for news and latest updates.

Recently updated on the website:

  • Workshop PCBs for the Ciat-Lonbarde designed Fourses Tarp tactile noize synth!
  • Instructor-led workshops: Deep Listening, Arduino for Artists, Pure Data, Musique Concrète...
  • More Historic Buchla PCBs – 110 Dual VC Gate, and 180 Dual AD Generator (and, coming soon, completed modules!)
  • Videffektor PCBs – simple video-glitch circuit, now available

Buchla 100/200 Series Documentation Pages


Buy Recordings

Fluxmonkey makes things to listen to (CDs, tapes, etc.). Some of those listenable things are for sale.

Listen/view online

[New!]  Miscellaneous unreleased videos, live cuts, works-in-progress... listen/watch here

Fluxmonkey Bandcamp

Some recordings are also available on Bandcamp, for those who want downloads, playlists, etc.


Buy PCBs

Buy printed boards for various DIY electronics projects, including CMOS noise-makers like the Videffektor, Looney Board, and 40106 Hex Oscillator.

Buchlaish Resources & PCBs

Printed circuit boards for fans of the original 100 and 200 series Buchla syntesizers, including the 110 Voltage Controlled Gate, 111 Ring Modulator, 160 Noise, 180 Attack Generator, 194 Bandpass Filter, and the Random Voltage Generator from the 208.

Workshops & DIY Resources


Instructor-led workshops on a variety of topics, including Deep Listening, Arduino for Artists, Musique Concrète (field recording and sound editing), Pure Data... and more in the works

Electronoize Playshop

DIY documentation from past Electronoize Playshops, introducing basic electronics and projects for noize music and art. Full online instructions for various projects, including circuit bending, amplifiers, and CMOS noize devices

Video Resources

New series of basic DIY playshop projects for video hacking, starting with the Videffektor video glitch box

About Us

About Us

A little bit about who we are... and an actual Aritist CV


How to get in touch (email) or stay in touch (newsletter).

Bean Soup Recipes

Crucial information for starving artists everywhere: cheap and nourishing bean soup recipes (vegan!).