◊ Printed Circuit Boards

We build a lot of our own gear, and lead building workshops. Custom PCBs from these activities are for sale.

All PCBs are provided on an as-is basis for personal use only. Only PCBs are supplied; additional parts and assembly are required. These are minimally supported projects meant for experienced DIYers; you need to be able to read schematics, source parts, stuff and solder the boards, wire off-board components, troubleshoot, and figure out the mechanical aspects such as front panels and housing.

PCBs are $15.00@ ($10 for the 40106 HexOsc); ppd in the US, additional $10.00 postage/handling (per order) outside the US. Use the Paypal "Add to Cart" buttons to purchase. Make sure your shipping address is included in the paypal transaction.


40106 HexOscillator

One chip and a handful of components let you build up to 6 simple oscillators, in various configurations

Each of the 6 Schmitt-Trigger Inverters on the 40106 CMOS chip is configured as an oscillator, the frequency of each is controlled by 2 resistors and a capacitor. Inputs/output points for each one are provided, outputs are also routed to a resistor or diode mixing matrix.

  • Complete step-by-step documentation for a 40106 workshop project (3 oscillators controlled by photocells).
  • Earlier Breadboard-only instructions from the Electronoise Playshops (if we have time, I get folks to breadboard first to select component values, then transfer to PCB).
  • A similar circuit from Andreas Siagian (3 separate oscillators + 3 oscillators chained together) that could easily be built on our PCB.
  • If you're doing a workshop, contact us for quantity discounts.


LooneyBoard 1

One board, 10 oscillators, one "ring modulator", a 386 amplifier, and hundreds of build options.

An open-ended platform for implementing your own CMOS noise-making designs. Preconfigured to support 40106 chip (6 square-wave oscillators), 4093 (4 gated square-wave oscillators), 4011 ("ring modulator"), 386 amplifier, and a couple of passive mixers.