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Recently branching out from sound to visuals, the Video Playshops help folks with builds of a couple of projects generously shared by various pioneers. Here's documentation for some of them:

  • Videffektor — courtesy of James Schidlowsky, a simple hacky analog distortion device
  • CHA/V — Jonas Bers' circuit-bent video signal generator
  • Visualist — Berto Aussems's revivial of an old circuit from a 70's electronics mag

Video Playshop PCB: Videffektor

Simple glitchy video distortion project

  • Complete circuit description and step-by-step build documentation.
  • Based on a circuit idea by James Schidlowsky via postings to Electro-Music.com; revived and refined by Javier Plano (@Videonic) who designed and published a simpler PCB design which you can freely download. Our design provides additional features and build options.
  • Modifies an external video signal (from a CCTV camera or recording device); does not generate video on its own, and requires an external coverter for S-video, VGA, or HDMI sources.
  • Ideal for introductory workshops – if you're doing a workshop, contact us for quantity discounts.