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208 Random CV Generator

Pseudo-random control-voltage generator, based on one section of the Buchla Music Easel. One clock input, 4 pseudo-random voltages out. Two CMOS chips & 2 LM3900s. Original circuit reconstruction by Scott Stites; original PCB by vtl5c3.

PCBs are $15.00 @ — ORDER HERE

Bill of Materials (value/qty)

  • Resistors
    • 1k x5
    • 68k x1
    • 82k x2
    • 100k x2
    • 150k x4
    • 330k x4
    • 680k x9
    • 1M x5
    • 2M2 x4
  • Capacitors
    • 22pf x1
    • 470pf x1
    • 0.01uf x5
    • 10uf electrolytic x2
  • Semiconductors
    • LM3900 x2
    • CD4015 x1
    • CD4016 x1
  • Misc.
    • Ferrite beads x2
    • .156" power header x1
    • in/out jacks x5


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