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194 Fixed Bandpass Filter

All discrete transistor bandpass filter (not voltage controlled), based on the Buchla 194 circuit. One audio input, 4 filtered outputs: LP >200hz, BP 200-900hz, BP 900hz-4khz, and HP <4khz. In conjunction w/ a 4-channel mixer, can be used as a comb filter or graphic EQ.

PCBs are $15.00 @ — ORDER HERE

Bill of Materials (value/qty)

  • Resistors
    • 100k x5
    • 10k x10
    • 15k x6
    • 1k5 x5
    • 220r x4
    • 2k2 x1
    • 3k3 x2
    • 4k7 x3
    • 68k x4
  • Capacitors
    • 100uf x2
    • 10uf x1
    • 1uf x3
    • 10n x3
    • 220n x1
    • 22n x1
    • 47n x3
    • 2n2 x2
    • 4n7 x1
    • 910pf x1 (mouser #598-CD15FA911JO3F)
  • Transistors
    • BC550 x7
    • BC560 x4
  • Misc.
    • .156" power header x1
    • ferrite bead x1
    • in/out jacks x5
    • 100k pot (optional input atten.) x1


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